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Advertising prints

First impressions count: Individually printed serviettes, pocket napkins and other table accessories in restaurants and businesses show a consistent implementation of corporate design. Every guest or visitor feels personally addressed and welcome. 




Consistent corporate design in the hotel industry is not just limited to customised serviettes, table runners, beer mats, plate holders and glass coasters by Baekkelund, but also extends to room service. Paper caps to cover glasses and cups are just as important as disposable hand towels, disposable washcloths and bath mats.



Beverage industry

The perfect range for exciting or refreshing drinks in the beverage industry makes up a large part of the Baekkelund by Mank collection. This doesn’t just include beer mats and drip collars. Coasters made from various materials, DrinkSafe caps, collars or practical tissue cocktail serviettes or Linclass Airlaid are all available in customised print.




Always keep your good reputation with you on board: Airline guests are perhaps some of the most demanding customers and expect a special ambience. Show your competency as a thoughtful and modern host with printed serviettes and pocket napkins, tray covers, DrinkSafe caps, serviette rings and bibs from Baekkelund by Mank.

Promotion & Events

Consistent corporate identity is a matter of course for your company. How better to achieve this than by displaying this range on your table? Whether within your company or at external events and trade fairs, advertise your respected name and welcome employees and guests with individually printed serviettes, pocket napkins, coasters and placemats from Baekkelund by Mank. You can also find small products for limited-time offers or events.


The products that you and your employees have artfully produced in bakeries and patisseries deserve an equally professional setting for presentation and sale. Individually printed paper pleated capsules or cake doilies featuring your logo from Baekkelund by Mank help create this. Your customers then take your respected name home with them, also making it an advertising multiplier.

Catering & Care

Baekkelund by Mank’s real strengths lie in producing individually customisable prints and materials for tableware decor in the catering sector. The printable and time-saving pocket napkins act as both a cutlery pouch and serviette in one. The serviettes, available in just about every size and material, perfectly meet the special requirements for this sector. This segment is completed with coasters, beer mats, rolled and ready-made tablecloths, and other useful accessories.

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