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Inspiration 2017

Perfection is all that counts - the essence of complete hospitality

Striving for perfection is what makes a good host, so we have put together a portfolio of the highest quality tabletop products for this year's catalogue: "Inspiration 2017". In our new theme-worlds, we have brought together interesting styles for both industry professionals and the littlest guests, for whom there are many child-friendly designs including exciting puzzles and pictures to colour in. These things make going to a restaurant a real experience. In addition, our world of candles featuring high quality products is new this year, and is ideal for use in catering.
Only perfection endures.  Our guiding principle is based on the fact that we constantly strive to evolve and to achieve perfection. This is also evident in our new NELLY design, its counterpart APART, and in the floral all-around LISBOA design. With JOE we have also created a timeless, urban look, thereby making it a future classic. Discover the design worlds of Mank!